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Criminal 3: The Color of Money


Out now in Ed Brubaker's Criminal number three...

I dig into Martin Scorsese's The Color of Money -- a strangely under-discussed Scorsese featuring a wonderfully weird Tom Cruise before he was doing wonderfully weird and Paul Newman in all of his wizened movie star glory. This is like a samurai movie with pool cues for swords... it's also something of a vampire story ... I love it.

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Just read your essay. I have a Google alert on for the Color of Money because it's a movie I've watched many times and thought about. Great job on the article. I really like the idea about vampires and your contrast of the dead scenes and alive scenes. I love Cruise in this movie too--the musical number IS hilarious. The scene in the staircase when he rips shit up and kicks stuff around is also a favorite. When I watch Newman I imagine him as a projection of my father and how I imagine my grandfather might have been. They showed the movie in New York, January 2019, at Metrograph. It was fun to see.

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