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Katie Gaunt

Absolutely fascinating. Well written, informative and incisive. Thank you for telling this story.


Wow. I never knew of Barbara, now I want to know everything. Thank you.


The Shelley Winters comparison is apt. And curse me or bless me, I've been moony over "that kind of woman" since—well, long enough ago that I can still clearly hear the slide-n-click of that Oedipal trigger. Great piece. You are the prickliest (take that any way you like) writer on film I know.

By the way, I just got around to reading your vagina/purse piece from about three years ago. There's a song by the Cramps, "What's Inside a Girl?" Now you've got me singing "purse" instead.


This is fantastic article.

So sad.

Thank you for writing this.

Max Allan Collins

What a fantastic piece of writing. Just mesmerizing, and it pulls you through so fast, like the reader is falling off the same cliff as Payton. I bought and read I AM NOT ASHAMED as a young teenager and found it disturbing and compelling -- that a movie star could become a prostitute was mind-boggling to me. I said I was young. Congratulations.

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