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Here She Comes Now: My Ronnie Reading

"Baby do you know what you did today? Baby do you know what you took away? You took the blue out of the sky, my whole life changed when you said goodbye. And I keep crying, crying... Oh, baby Oh, baby... 
I wish I never saw the sunshine. I wish I never saw the sunshine. And if I never saw the sunshine, baby. Then maybe, I wouldn't mind the rain."


New York/ Brooklyn friends. Come join me and other wonderful writers reading from our new book, "Here She Comes Now: Women in Music Who Have Changed Our Lives"  Tonight at 7 at the Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn. My essay is on the brilliant Ronnie Spector and the beautiful horrifying sexy sick trapped dysfunction of love songs. Do not miss! 


From the editors: "Whether it was Patti Smith's angry moan, Nina Simone's guttural growl, or Dolly Parton's towering hair and sweet voice, women have been a musical force to be reckoned with, inspired by, and paid attention to. In Here She Comes Now, today's biggest and brightest writers tackle their favorite female musicians and the effect they've had on their own lives."

The book, edited by Jeff Gordinier and Marc Weingarten, will be released July 14, so order a copy now!  


Ghijath Naddaf

Ronnie is the queen of pop !
Wish i could join the reading.

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