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"like rooting for the frog jumping on the back of the scorpion"

Just out of morbid curiosity, are you being weirdly ironic here or did you simply get this backwards?

Kim M

Weirdly ironic. Glad your curiosity is morbid. Seems fitting here.

Ghijath Naddaf

This is a great actors movie.
One of the rare Kubrick films,
i still watch from time to time.
But i love The Asphalt Jungle even

Glenn Andreiev

I love how Colleen Gray says "Johnny, you got to run!" Not "we", but "you", like she'll stay behind and take the heat for him! In the last seconds of "The Killing" so much plot is given to us, that another director would have taken fifteen minutes to explain.

Robert Monell

Welles said he preferred it over THE ASPHALT JUNGLE

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