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Brian Western

Your knack for atmosphere...an elegant foray into the warp and weave of Udo - a beautiful ode.

Nick Faust

Kim Morgan, this has to be one of the finest actor profiles I've ever read. I know … a bit hyperbolic. It may sound that way, but I'm serious. Udo Kier is rather a special, uniquely talented actor. When his name is mentioned, an image automatically comes sharply together in the mind's eye, but when he shows up in a movie, only part of the automatic image rings true, for Kier is still, after all these years, capable of surprising us. There is always MORE than meets the eye. And that's what you've captured. Really, a marvelous, immediate bit of verbal portraiture. Thank-you so much. I'll be back. Oh, by the way, I found you when someone posted this piece in the Face Book Film Forum. Am grateful they did.


I always wondered what it would be like to drive around Palm Springs with Udo. Amazing, lucky!

Miss Lisa

What a beautiful man. Fits the profile: interesting people make interesting actors.

mark s.

Udo Kier, practically begging the Prince of Puke, John Waters, to be in one of his films -- "I could play a German hillbilly."
From 'Edgewise,' the new book about Cookie Mueller.

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