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Telluride 2014: Joseph Losey's M

Telluride Film Festival 2014


The plane leaves this morning and I'm excited, nervous, prepared and ready for anything. I also have a cold. Out! Devil Cold!

The Telluride Film Festival begins Friday, and I, along with Guy Maddin have been chosen at Guest Directors of this year's festival. We programmed six films -- no easy task. We've been sworn to secrecy but the cat's out of the bag today (I think). Maybe Friday it'll be in the river. I'm still not sure. Soon, we can spill! 


As we said in our joint statement:

“We are honored and thrilled to be guest directors at Telluride, by far the most concentrated, smartly curated, and enchanting of all the film festivals. More than any other festival, Telluride is driven by the sheer love of cinema -- discovering new talents, honoring titans and unearthing neglected masterworks and geniuses. The opportunity to share our favorite films with Telluride and its always-discerning audience is not only exciting but an absorbing, wonderful challenge. There are so many movies we love, and to program a selection of six...  where to begin? We really wanted to show those masterpieces we felt hadn't been revived enough, if ever, and to see them as they were meant to be seen -- on the big screen. We can’t wait to watch!”

Christie vidor

And we can't.

You make friends at Telluride and, as much as I wanted him to attend Norman Lloyd (who appears in one of the pictures we programmed) could not make it. He's turning 100 in November and is as sharp as a tack, I've me Norman numerous times, had l had lunch with him, attended his  birthday celebration at the Egyptian, even went to Oliver Stone's Savages with him (he thought it was ho-hum --  Design for Living did it bettert), At our Spago Telluride Dinner, we sat next to each oher and talked endlessly. Too bad he can't attend this year (we have a treat, not to be revealed). Telluride reveres Norman Lloyd.


The header photo of two fantastic faces is from the first Telluride in 1974, Gloria Swanson sitting with her soon-to-be- enemy, Kenneth Anger (Swanson, Leni Riefenstah and Francis Ford  Coppola all won silver medallions), what a trio that must have been!  

And here's Guy with the Surrealists, winning the Telluride Silver Medallion in 1995.

Guy surrealists

I'll end this with my favorite Telluride experience from 2012, presenting two of Jack Garfein's woefully underseen masterworks, Something Wild and The Strange One. Interviewing Jack on stage, walking around the festival with him, talking to him about life (and man, does he have so many interesting stories), visiting him in Los Angeles, and keeping in touch, giving me some of the most useful advice,  he's become a good friend. Telluride is always rewarding. Now pray this cold lifts. Perhaps the mountain fever will take over and the cold will cower in a corner. Onward! 

Kim jack telluride

Read more about Telluride here.

Followup: They've been announced! 

Here's our list:


CALIFORNIA SPLIT (d. Robert Altman, U.S., 1974) ·

IL GRIDO (d. Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy, 1957) ·

M (d. Joseph Losey, U.S., 1951) ·


MAN’S CASTLE (d. Frank Borzage, U.S., 1933) ·

THE ROAD TO GLORY (d. Howard Hawks, U.S., 1936) ·


WICKED WOMAN (d. Russell Rouse, U.S., 1953)


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