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Tosh Berman

What a great and interesting piece. It is nice to know that self-destruction in the film world didn't start with Monty Clift! Nevertheless it is sad that his work is mostly lost, correct? I knew of him mostly through the Kenneth Anger book, and i never seen his film. When I had my little film group going, the only Wallace Reid film that could be rented (16mm) was "Too Much Speed." i never got around in projecting that film. A little bit of regret now, but what a great thing to read this morning.


Very nice piece!

Andy Siegel

An impressive take on Wally. I spent a few years researching his life as preparation for writing a screenplay about him. I never came across that wonderful tidbit you found about Clara Bow! Would you have any interest in reading my script? I also have a copy of Wally's mother's naïve biography about him published right after his death. Although that would be harder to email than the script.

Tom Franks

Excellent and moving piece. My father always remembered him as the blacksmith in BIRTH OF A NATION by D.W. Griffith.

Dennis Ferrara

Excellent commentaries!

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