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Wow. Thanks Kim, I love the Dylan/Marilyn connection.

Mark Rodney

Wow!! Great piece Kim!! Of all I've ever read on Marilyn, I think you've hit something with her and Dylan. He was made for her!! ...and you know this woman!!

Phil T Listener


I think you hit the home run, wrapping up in the essence of Marilyn (and probably most human beings) with this:

"What is wrong with holding on to that lost kid, waiting for your daddy to come home? Then there are those who are quite sincere though simple-minded— Marilyn just needed a hug. She needed love and understanding."

The essence of humanity. We all need love, understanding and a feeling we belong. It's part of the human make-up. We are social animals. I know I thrive on interaction with others. It makes me whole. Unfortunately many deny this need and I believe it is the root of many neuroses.

Thanks for the great post. I know it took much effort, but I'm sure it was a labor of love.


Of everything I've read about Marilyn this resonates the most, at least with me. Thank you for your love and deep appreciation of MM. And Bob Dylan and Marilyn--oh, yes!

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