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Kevin Ackerman

I love Tom Cruise, always have. Have also defended the masterpiece that remains EYES WIDE SHUT... Beautiful review, Kim. I think you will enjoy REACHER... So long as you haven't read the books. Merry Xmas & Thanx (For All You Do & Give) ~ KLBA


I am going to make it a New Year's Resolution to see the Kubrick exhibit at LACMA.

I A Kubrick film keeps me coming back to it, or it rather never really leaves you. You make a journey with a Kubrick film, and it is the one that is asking the questions that is changing.


I watched this again for the first time in several years and caught something that I never noticed before: when Cruise goes to the "hooker" apartment late in the movie, on the outside of the door there are multiple bulletin board postings, including one that says "For Sale: Keith Haring".


Wow, very cool review. I'm glad I found your site, can't wait to look through what you've written before this and to read whatever's up next.

To compare Eyes Wide Shut to the modern Christmas experience...that was good.


Robert Kubsch

I never saw the fascination with this movie. While I attempted to watch it; it fell short of my expectations-much like the height of Tom Cruise.

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