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Peter Nellhaus

I wish MGM would have released their MOD version of Something Wild in its original aspect ratio. So much to like, especially Baker's performance and Copland's score. I also liked the way Garfein presented the cross section of New York City residents, and Mildred Dunnock's reaction to the changing demographics in her own neighborhood.

Peter Hoffman

Intrigued, I found Something Wild uploaded to youtube, however in 3 parts totalling three hours, which is curious.





ok hold the phone I got to try these youtube coordinates...

Did Mr. Garfein give you any idea when a home video version might be coming? Will I get an email from Amazon telling me they are taking pre-orders on the Carol Baker boxed set in Blu-ray? wish and wish big.


Cool I finally got to see this...got to love youtube. the links work but they divide the film into 30 min blocks that play twice? part 4 wasn't hard for me to find.

What an amazing film...completely did not see what was coming. I was thinking that Roman Polanski probably took a look at this before he made Repulsion, didn't the creepy landlord sort of remind you of Polanski?

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