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Love your text.

Good job!


that motel was genuinely creepy...It must have been Norman's day off or something if you got out of there alive.

Kerstin Shed

That is quite an analogy between your car and old horror movies. I would be scared too if my car breaks down on me while I’m in a scary-looking street! Well, if your car is giving you a scare because of frequent break downs and repairs, it would be best to replace it with a new one. Buying a new or well-maintained pre-owned vehicle can save you from cashing out too much money on constant repairs.

Funk 49

Love the spiel from the guy trying to sell you a car.

My first real car was a '73 Firebird with a 350 V-8. I'd do anything to ride low in her bucket seats and smoke her tires again..Thank her with a James Gang 8-track and a heavy coat of Classic wax for sparing a teenager from certain death in a horrific crash. Cruise the streets and show her off while piping Funk 49 back into her dusty speakers.

She didn't deserve her fate. Gave every bit of her steel and muscle to keep a teenager and his girlfriend out of the morning obituaries. In some lonely auto graveyard she likely still bleeds from a rusty place in heart for me. Twisted and forgotten... just like me.

Honda Airwave 2007

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