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other mike

fantastic piece

Erica David

brava kim for putting this so beautifully into words.


That was great reading. Moonrise Kingdom comes out this Friday!


This would have to be one of the best pieces on his work I have seen...terrific thanks.

Thankfully Moonrise Kingdom is playing in one theater here locally and I got to see it. I loved the film, I thought the old guard, that is, Murray and Shawartzman seemed a bit set aside, sort of like the toys in the bottom of the toy box that had to make way for the new ones. I know better than to really say how much I love an Anderson film I know that will come to me in time.

There has been a lot of Anderson backlash from critiques, I am wondering if his critics are including all the Wes Anderson copy-cats and holding him responsible in the aggregate? Have you seen "Extremely loud and incredibly close" or whatever the title is? The preternaturally smart kid living in an world of analog devices, treasure maps, overly elaborate homemade pop-up books, who goes on the heroes journey to encounter various characters along the way...yikes..no wonder the critics want his head on a pike.

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