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thanks . super !


Simply wonderful.

I love The Monkees, and I was incredibly sad to hear about Davy. He was too young.

I always believed Davy knew he was a touch off-kilter, a little bit insane as you put it. Nowadays a prefab boy band would cultivate it into scripted wackiness, but maybe I'm just being cynical.

Miss Lisa

That was lovely. Thanks for taking the time to put into words what was special about Jones and the entire Monkees concept.

I wonder how many people decided to become musicians due to this show. In my generation the Rolling Stones and Beatles may have inspired most pop musicians, but The Monkees made it look like pure fun, so they had a big influence too. And yes, the songs were great. I have a tear in my eye for you, Davy Jones.

Farmer Waltz

'Valerie' is also my favorite. Great post.


ken beegle

Beautifully said. "Headquarters" was the first album I ever bought.

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