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So much of our love for this music comes from the where and when of it. For me, it's "Dock of the Bay." It's 1968 and you're a raggedy-ass GI sitting in a tacky bar in a shitass army town in the south and from the jukebox there comes Otis, singing of sitting there wasting time and you know exactly what he's saying because you're all too aware of your young life being frittered away by forces you can't even begin to comprehend.


kim! do you find this creepy? cause i kind of do...


Rick Brandon

Kim, ran across your post while looking for Otis Redding e-valentines to send or forward to friends... I think yours is great. I love it when he is recognized with such expression and passion. I attend his Birthday celebration every 2 yrs in ga. Attend if you can, his families labor and love for his legacy is incredible and something all fans should witness!!

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