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Peter Holsapple

Lovely, and totally in agreement. A real human voice for all time. Happy Valentine's day.

Ed P.

His performance at the Monterrey Pop Festival is one of the greatest by anyone, ever.


Just got into Otis at Christmas time when I picked up a copy of Otis Blue at one of the few remaining record stores in Dublin. Absolute love! I sometimes think the same thing you said about Otis about Buddy Holly, but it's not quite as frustrating because the Beatles seem like his necessary successor. And what better could you ask for?


Yet again a rich long-haired blonde teaches us about Black music.

Kim Morgan

Steve: Actually I'm a broke bleached blonde brunette with a black Uncle and a black Aunt. And my grandfather is from Transylvania.

That certainly does not qualify me as the ultimate expert on Black Music, but it means well... I'm not a natural blonde. And I'm nowhere near the vicinity of rich. But I do know a lot about music...

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