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Thanks for this!


Nice article. I, too, was bewitched by Melancholia. Sadly, that's the only film I got around to seeing from your list. Now adding a resolution to watch these in the New Year.

p.s.- a small typo: The Tree of "Life" (rather than Live)

Happy New Year!


Burton. Live? Life? End of the world? Anyway, it is now Tree of Life... Thank you. And Happy New Year. -- Kim

Jason Hedrick

Great to see Sucker Punch and Turin Horse on another list! Check out my list at ECSTATIC, if you get a chance: http://jason-hedrick.blogspot.com/

Lee Ann

Your review of Melancholia was very insightful. I too think Kirsten Dunst was magnificent in the role of Justine. Some are referring to the film as her 'comeback', but I thought she was stunning in 'Marie Antoinette' as well. All will be well as long as she gets an Oscar nom.

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