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I generally do not like to see such re-creations although I do understand their appeal to actors. I suppose the fair question is does the actor immerse into the character to the point where we are able to forget that it is an actor's portrayal, or does it simply become an impersonation (Man on the Moon)? Williams is going to really have to do a transformation or a transmigration of her soul to really capture the wide-eyed innocence, the tears always waiting in the wings of her eyes, the breathless and genuinely heartfelt sincerity of every word...much luck....x

Juliette Faraone

Frances indeed! Years later I'm still raving about Jessica Lange in that one-- what a marvelous person (and role) to take on...and what great characterization on Lange's part. Later, of course, she gave another great performance as Edie Beale the elder-- anyway, thanks for the terrific post.


Sweet post. Thank you.

I haven't seen the film yet, as I avoid the cinema experience these days, (many complaints; won't go there.) but what concerns me is not the accuracy of the screenplay or the "truth" of the plot, it's one question:

Can Michelle Williams catch Marilyn in a bottle?

As a 60 year old male whose love for and fascination with Marilyn Monroe only grew following her death, I want to see if anyone can capture the essence of a woman who did more than define the essence of sexuality, she did so while also displaying a sense of vulnerability... an empathy that is central to our humanity... that made her so much more appealing (to men and women alike) than a Jayne Mansfield or Rita Hayworth.

I already know the story by heart; can Michelle tell it well? The success of the film will depend on the answer to that question.

CJ Carp

How can anyone put Jayne Mansfield and Rita Hayworth in the same category or even sentence, Sorry but " Gilda " had just as much vulnerability as Marilyn and defined the essence of Sex... just as well come on , " Men fell in love with Gilda but they wake up with me". can't recall any great quotes from Jayne Mansfield or Mamie Van Doren for that matter either.

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