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Erich Kuersten

I totally sympathized too! Awesome piece, Kim. I too wrote something championing Ellen back in 2009 that she "makes the mistake of giving her obsessive insane “pre-code” love to post-code American family man dork Cornell Wilde. His idea of a honeymoon is to drag his hot and willing bride off to some remote lodge in the mountains, not for a week of amorous lovemaking, but rather for tedious and corny sing-a-longs with the extended family. Not one of his relations can understand why she would possibly want to spend some time alone with her new husband on their honeymoon, this being a HANDMAID’S TALE-style nightmare alternative universe where the edicts of Joseph Breen and the code are no longer even challenged, merely rotely obeyed until everyone falls into a genderless state of perpetual sexless cheer and Norman Rockwell gentleness."I might add that the amount of crap she endures relative to the punishment she dishes out makes her a saint. You rock, Kim! And Siren and of course Saint Agee.


This is fantastic piece a dual analysis, It's a such a fun read. I admit, Tierney's Ellen Berent is some kind of fiendish attraction for me - I once watched the rowboat scene all by itself over and over for about an hour all told, from the first swimming strokes to the moment she whips the sunglasses off. My son thought I was little unhinged, I think.

I see the shot of her stair misadventure you have in B&W - I saw it that way first, and then in color sometime later - holy crap! It was an entirely different film for me after that.

Good thing you and Siren decided to brainstorm!


Great piece, and I love Erich's comment, too - I can definitely see sexual frustration as the thing that finally drives Ellen over the brink. I also felt quite a bit of empathy for her when I saw this film for the first time early this year, at least at first (my reaction at the time can be found at http://bit.ly/qM6LGg) - that moment when she sees the family arriving in the motor boat is heart-breaking.

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