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Erich Kuersten

I'm glad you wrote about this Kim, as it's a great 'Sunset Gun' kind of film, with truth, beauty, and dangerous young women; it's also a frank, lacerating look at 12 Step programs! And you used color pics! Yours is still the sole voice of genuine cinema Aphrodite worship, the champion of cruel cunning in cinema's beautiful youth, since Camille Paglia drifted off into Palin-baiting, and Oscar Wilde was jailed.

Barry Waller

I keep returning to My Summer Of Love, more than any other movie I've ever seen, perhaps because it speaks directly to the part of me forever stung by that first all-consuming love irrevocably connected with deception, deception whose devastation stays with you for life no matter how much you "mature." Regardless of gender or bending thereof, we are all forever trying to get back to that (seemingly) innocent time before we discovered how wrong love can go, or indeed how much pain it's guaranteed to bring before we even arrive at its doorstep. This is a truly universal theme which knows no age or gender, but for cinema's sake, could not have been more beautifully and erotically depicted than by Natalie Press and Emily Blunt through the sensitive vision of Pawel Pawlikowski. Thank you for your equally sensitive, dead-on account of this most beautiful, and beautifully tragic, of movies.

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