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It's strange how pop culture has failed to pick up on what a cultural touchstone this film is for an entire generation of eighties kids. I was obsessed with this movie when it was run non-stop on cable. It thrilled me as a kid, and haunts me as an adult.

Nick Perkins

Good piece of writing on this amazing and unique film, Kim. Like others who have posted here, and like yourself, I was 12 when I first saw the movie, on HBO, in my small Oklahoma town; and although I was already very much into Cheap Trick -- partuclarly the Budokan record -- the soundtrack tunes merged so perfectly with the performances, and the personalities to which I felt very much drawn, in a way unlike any other movie of our generation. THANKS FOR WRITING so well about this.

James M. Tate

it IS the greatest teen movie ever. thank you for this. i run Sgt. Doberman's (Harry Northup's) facebook page and am looking forward to doing a Vincent Spano interview to discuss this masterpiece.


As many have already pointed out, this movie has a massive effect on me. I was almost the exact same age as the characters in the movie when I first saw it (and then watched repeatedly), living in a similar version of suburban hell replete with nice new homes and streets and not a darn thing for a young teenager to do but steal booze from the 'rents, try to hook up with similarly bored girls, and commit petty vandalism to a soundtrack of Cheap Trick, Van Halen and The Ramones. This movie, then and now, felt like a documentary to me and my friends rather than fiction, and, to this day, it is the only art of my era (along with the aforementioned music) that actually nailed the alienation we all felt.

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