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Yes, I need to see this film. You're right Hedy was quite the presence even in lesser material like Dishonored Lady. First I'm going to read Ruth Barton's Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman in Film. I picked up a copy for a steal last week. Have you read that one yet? Have an opinion on it?


Hedy was one of my first crushes as a young boy. There was something fierce and elegant about her all at the same time. Not only was she a decent actress but she was quite brainy as well. You also pretty much presented a lot of info about about her in one sentence. The info in question being the shoplifting and the SCS....good show!

mike schlesinger

Can't believe an entire week has gone by and no one has posted, "That's HEDLEY!!!"

Chad de Lisle

Great Post. I'm amazed by the symbolism present in the film. What a masterpiece, I need to see it in its completion!

Dante A. Bacani

Thanks for sharing your insights and for the link to the film itself -- I look forward to watching it. :-)

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