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I love that expression on her face when she looks over her shoulder at the end of the clip. She looks so turned on! It proves you could get plenty past the censors in 1950 if you were clever enough.


Kurosawa would've done an equally credible job with the same material, but would've used a couple cuts (for better or worse, the perfectionist that he was).
This, though, with no cuts and masterful camera positioning and moves is absolutely brilliant. Thanks.

Kevyn Knox

Great piece on a...um, on a great piece. I know for one, I fell in love with Miss Cummins when I first laid eyes on her sharpshooting skills in Gun Crazy. Crazy man, crazy. I recently wrote on this film myself, and am glad to see/hear/read I am not the only one that felt the burning sensations of Peggy and her pistols.

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