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OH MY!!! I haven't seen this movie for an embarrassing number of years. I remember seeing it on Saturday Night at the Movies (NBC) when I was too young to understand what it meant. I thought it was so weird, yet I never forgot it. How awesome is Carroll Baker? Ask me how p*ssed I am that the obvious attraction between her character and that of Chuck Heston drops out of sight in "The Big Country"...


I've wanted to see this movie for so long! I have the book, which I like very much.

Thanks for the clips!

Victoria Jarvis

I understand that there are so many people trying to "understand" this movie so that it "makes sense". - Reality doesn't always make sense.
But, I keep thinking about the ancient Greek myth about the goddess kidnapped from her mother and forced to spend 6 months every year in Hades. She spends the dark seasons with her masculine captor: - Mars?...And she falls in love, and I believe has his children. She returns to her mother with Spring. This film reminds me of that.


I query your sentence:

"And her demise, repulsion, sickness, panic, alienation and finally, near-life-ending depression, isn’t worthy of wild either."

She dies and then experiences repulsion?


No, I just don't think those things are "wild," I suppose, maybe in the way the title suggests. More like tormented or suicidal and tormented ... But perhaps my wording could be clearer. Thanks for your comment.

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