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Jesue V

A beautiful write-up as always.


Gosh but I love this movie. It's the one where all the things that make DL an unusual filmmaker came together perfectly. Whatever about it doesn't make sense in a literal way makes perfect sense in an emotional way. That said, I've always been among those who believe the first part is Diane's wish fulfillment dream. But it's so much more than that. A recent viewing made me appreciate Justin Theroux's performance, which might have been overshadowed by Watts' et al before. "Wake up, pretty girl..."

C. Jerry

Lovely post. David Lynch had been working in Los Angeles for roughly 20 years before he made his first feature set in L.A. ... LOST HIGHWAY ... which led to MULHOLLAND DRIVE ... which led to INLAND EMPIRE ...


Fantastic article! A incredible film that stats with me almost every day! From an awe inspiring director!

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