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I'm watching ~now. What an odd movie. Congrats on the tcm gig, so exciting :))


ps. great picks btw. Did you watch the Bergman film before?


I have seen "Something Wild" several times and I love it. I first saw it in the 1960s, when it was shown on late night Saturday tv.

Ralph Meeker was a terrific actor. I also think Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker had great screen chemistry in that kiss at the end.


i watched both films, and loved how they were tied together thematically.

Luce Vigp

I never saw that film:...rather late than never! Luce Vigo


Hi, saw you on TCM last night with Something Wild ... what a great flick! (even if I'm dragging a bit at work today) TCM and Robert Osborne are the best.

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