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A diaphragm salesman! I am trying to picture opening my apartment door to see JOHN GARFIELD selling me birth control.

I've always loved Garfield's debut in Four Daughters. The movie keeps trying to point to him as "bad", "the outsider" - the film was a vehicle for someone else, not Garfield - but he's so interesting, so compelling in it, so damn SEXY, that the movie doesn't really recover from his absence. He seemed REAL, he makes everyone else seem like bland paper cut-outs.

Sounds like a great event, Kim - really emotional.

Joe Howe

I've got to make it to this festival, one of these years.

Funk 49

"You're losin' your punch, mom."

Great line.

You have a likeness to Drew Barrymore in your photo with Julie Garfield. ET go home.

Keep the funk.

Jake Jacobs

I love what you folks are doing with old films. Great that someonne is ensuring that they don't disappear. How does someone like me get involved and perhaps do that for a living? thoughts?


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