I Like You, Harold: Harold And Maude
Widmark Knocked, Monroe Answered



Man do I love this site. I never know what to expect when I begin reading an entry. I love that. Never expected you to post a video of yourself...eating. So random. But somehow it fits in with everything else. I like the way you observe and appreciate life and people and film and feelings. You are your own person. THANK YOU


Ditto to Kelly's thoughts. As a heterosexual male (oh, look how proud I am) Kim Morgan might be the first dynamite-looking dame who I truly appreciate for her mind more than her looks. Huzzah for the Internet, that forces me to consider the former first.

Can anyone identify the artist & title of the song being played throughout this clip? Thank you.

robot hero

little anthony and the imperials - my love is a rainbow. classic!

Jesue V

It's 1am and this post is making me hungry. Going to go and make me some soup...or a pie.

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