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I've never heard of The Host before, but your analysis of it has actually piqued my interest! I was always a big fan of Godzilla when I was a little kid, and even before I learned of the specific political message underlying the concept of the monster I was able to appreciate some level of the guilt and human culpability involved. That's how Godzilla managed to hold my interest the way it did--there were always fascinating, moralistic layers and subtexts to enrich the experience; it wasn't simply a big, bad lizard here to destroy the town.

It seems like The Host must be one of those movies that will only appeal to people with specific tastes/interests, so I can understand why once was enough for Mr. Roeper. But I must say that I preferred your analysis to his ;) I'm glad there was an illuminating counterbalance to his review.

Terry Silver

Been checking out Sunset Gun, since your guest spot on Ebert and Roeper.



Emit Idy

I just found out about you through Ebert's tweet of your Harold and Maude review (my favorite movie). After seeing this video clip and the review I am definitely going to follow your reviews. I've been wishing to find another reviewer who gets it (Roger Ebert is one only people who I almost always agree with.)

That Roeper guy seems funny but also arrogant. :-P


Yes, please do the Kim Morgan Film Fest. I'm sure you would have an interesting program line-up. And that was a great episode. I found Sunset Gun because of your guest hosting. Hopefully you get your own movie talk show one day!

Miss lisa

I don't know what Roeper's problem was. All critics know that monster movies play on our current neuroses and societal malaise. I just wrote a very pretentious sentence and it wasn't too hard. If I said "The Host" was just a silly monster movie, that would make me one lazy critic. I wish we could see the clip of "Baby Doll" with your comments. Great pick!

I love how you celebrate film history, which is a hell of an entertaining field of study.

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