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Cool Bev

Maybe you've heard John Prine's song "The Late John Garfield Blues"? I'm ashamed to say I thought it was about Pres. James Garfield. Double fail.

Will E.

Kim, you're killin' me. I have nothin' to say about Mr. Garfield than what you've already said. I particularly like his supporting role in "Gentleman's Agreement." He went out like a true human person--never naming names. His name was all you needed to know.

Joe Raskin

In my mind, Mr. Garfield was murdered by the blacklisters. A man who must be remembered.

Jim Beaver

I wrote a book on Garfield's career years ago and at that time lamented the bizarre fact that he's so comparatively little known. Genius is right. I can only guess that his short life is a factor--though that didn't hurt James Dean's career! Whatever the reason for his eclipse, it's unjustified and really sad. An actor of his caliber would blow the doors off modern theatres. And, yeah, where's his box set?

another garfield fan

Thanks for the great post, Kim - Garfield has been on my mind for a few days now.

I caught most of "Postman" again on TCM last night. I'd seen it a few weeks ago as well, which didn't diminish last night's viewing at all. The movie, Garfield, and Turner are that good, as are all the other actors.

I saw "Postman" for the first time when I was in high school. At that time, my mom, who would have been in her late teens when Garfield's films came out, informed me that she'd always thought he was hot (said in Mom language of course).

I really liked the film, but I had to get a lot more film viewing done before I could begin to gauge exactly how good Garfield was.

Watch "Flowing Gold" - preferably the scene where, seated on a stoop, Frances Farmer's character first confesses her love for Garfield's oil man. You'll be treated to a beautifully modulated, NATURAL loving reaction from Garfield. You truly believe that he's in love with Farmer - same goes for Turner in "Postman."

No Method tics for this guy; he was far too subtle. He really deserves a lot more attention and I'm glad to see he's getting it at least in some quarters.

I could go on and on, and I think I have... but Garfield is worth it.

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