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Robert Thomas

Maude throwing Harolds' ring into the ocean has been with me from the first moment I saw it.

Some people remember lines, I remember the action.


Years ago, I was at the park on Balboa Peninsula, across from the island, and they had one of those token imprint machines, and I made one for the friend I was with. It's now lying somewhere on the sea bed off the coast of Balboa Island... so we'll always know where to find it. Love that movie.

Max Allan Collins

What a nice surprise to be quoted at my favorite website.


Certain movies can tell you as much about the people who don't like them as the people who do. 'Harold and Maude' is one of those movies. It is *that* movie.


outstanding.'she took my head' never fails to hit me. speaking of portland this just played last month at the laurelhurst

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