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Richard Gibson

Thanks, a thought-provoking list. And for the ones I have seen I agree, a couple of those haven't been released here in the UK - yet.

Andrew Schrader

Bad Lieutenant was soooooo awesome. It's nice to see older filmmakers like Herzog and Coppola doing different cool, different, un-Hollywood work.


Observe and Report lost me at the very last moment.

Had it cut to black after its climatic event it would have been a masterpiece. As is its one pulled punch away from greatness.

Franklin J

Great list Kim. Thanks for putting
Thirst in there, Song Kang-ho does it once again.

I have not seen all of these either, but of the ones I have seen, I agree totally. I loved
The Road.

If you get to that review of Asian films I hope you do, please take a look at "Mother" directed by Joon-ho Bong. Hard to find at
theaters, but Netflix has it. At least 4 stars, I think 5.

Amir Masud

An excellent list although A serious man...that I don't get.

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