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Wow, this interview is fantastic. I'll have to come back and read it more closely after I see Basterds.

It sounds like you two were hitting it off. Possible love connection???

Clifford J. Green

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Just -- wonderful!

Jeremy Richey

Absolutely terrific Kim. It's really refreshing to read an interview like this where both parties have a love and vast knowledge for what they are talking about.
Also the fact that the two of you have seen and dug SOMETHING WILD with Carroll Baker makes my already considerable admiration for you both even stronger.


Of all the interviews that I have read in the past couple weeks, this is the one that has made me most excited to see the film.

Tarantino talking about film is always fun to read, and finally someone interviews him who gets his references.

Great interview Kim.


This is some great stuff Morgan. I don't believe I have ever read an interview with QT that really, truly involves other movies, especially one where the interviewer is as smart as him. It reads like a real conversation. And all of the references wrap around the film itself. And it made me excited about cinema in general. I was buzzing after this! Thank you.

OK, so when are you two doing this again? And how can he not be in love with you? You're the most beautiful cineaste I've ever seen.

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