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Paul D. Brazill

Great review. Mainstream entertainment just gets stranger and stranger.


I've on;y seen the first transformers but I was completely disappointed. I think you're right that more went into the look of the film than in any actual plot or character development.


"the next Transformers would be titled 'Un Chien Andalou LaBeouf.'"

Oh, man, that made me laugh so hard.


Firstly I have to say you just reminded me of something. I watched That Obscure Object of Desire at university. Half the class didn’t notice the change of actress! Were they not paying attention or are you in such a state of suspended disbelief whilst viewing a film that you shut out the possibility of things like that?

Now Transformers. This is a tricky one. I saw it last weekend (we got it a week early in the UK) while there was nothing particularly wrong with the film it did fall a long way short of being good. The big problem is that there is never a real sense danger around the main characters. This is partly that they have set their sights too high, they won’t destroy the world as we know it in a family film. I also found the charters a bit one dimensional, because the film is set in such a short space of time we don’t learn anything new about the characters and they have no arc. I think directors who want to make an action film should sit down and watch Die Hard, The Terminator or Even Point Break to remind them the importance of good charters in action films.

Conclusion. Not a disaster but not a film that I am rushing to see again. It won’t find its way into my DVD collection.

mister muleboy

The Mythical Monkey's recent discourse on surrealism,

reminded me that modern commercial directors churning out summer blockbusters can undermine or ignore the system any time they want -- the system isn't paying attention! They could each bite the hand of the [Andalusian] dog that feeds their tiger fish, and ninety percent of the audience in the theater would let it wash over them.

Of course, if they want to undermine or ignore the system, they might be surrealists, but they'd lend themselves to a sub rosa narrative -- a true no-no.

Goddamnit, now I have to go to this stupid Transformers 2 movie . . . . Thanks a LOT, Kim [ *sigh*]

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