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Joshua Wiebe

Interestingly enough Dalton was one of my favorites, and while I did enjoy the latest entry and thought that Craig did a good job, I wish they'd stop trying to make his misogyny understandable. I like Bond better when he is irreparably flawed.

Sean O'Hara

The problem with the Moore era is the vehicles he drove -- they're muscle cars perfect for Steve McQueen or Peter Fonda, but completely lacking the class required by Bond.

The secondary problem is the music, which got too self-conscious -- like in The Man with the Golden Gun, where Bond's car does a barrel roll while jumping a bridge, and there's a slide whistle, like something out of a Mickey Mouse cartoon, or The Spy Who Loved Me, where Bond's walking through the desert and a bit of the Lawrence of Arabia theme plays. Funny, but takes you right out of the movie.

M. Peachbush

What, no love for David Niven? Or the greatest (and only) Jimmy Bond ever, Woody Allen?


I very much enjoyed this post but I'm afraid, in my opinion, the new Bond film is terruble.

Steven Tomlinson

While not the quintessential Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” does have many admirable art-house qualities: deliberate pacing; assured direction; a literate script; Diana Rigg; lush cinematography; John Barry’s sweeping, romantic score ... but on the whole the film succeeds despite Lazenby’s often awkward prescence, not because of it.

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