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Matt Blankman

I had seen Night Moves years ago on VHS and really enjoyed it, and wondered why it was so obscure. Then after the DVD release, it has become one of my very favorite films. I turn to it all the time. Hackman is just fantastic and Jennifer Warren brings so much to that character. She was good in Slapshot too, but really isn't in too much else, sadly.


I guess you could say I am a fan. I recently named this as my favorite American film from the seventies at Moon In the Gutter and have a side-project seventies blog named after Harry Moseby.
I first saw it as a teenager back in the late eighties (and like you I have held on to my VHS copy) and I just fell in love with it. It's one of those films that I just never tire of and I find myself thinking of it often in my daily life.
That music (I hear the master tapes are lost which is why there isn't a soundtrack), that performance, that ending...I think it's a perfect film.

“He played something else and he lost. He must have regretted it every day of his life. I know I would have. As a matter of fact I do regret it, and I wasn't even born yet.”

I love this film so damn much...

Scott Cherney

Talk about being haunted by this film... I feel like I've been possessed by it since I first saw back in '75. Hackman and Penn were a fine actor/director team with this, BONNIE & CLYDE and even the underrated TARGET. But the effect of NIGHT MOVES just continues to linger, thanks also to that subtly complex Alan Sharp script, chock-a-block with memorable dialogue and quotable lines. "Harry thinks if you can call him Harry again, he's going to make you eat that cat." Then, referring to the nymphy Melanie Griffith "How do you resist her?"
"I just think really clean thoughts...like Thanksgiving..."
I could see how Hackman's character could have married Susan Clark,an actress who really seemed to smolder in unexpected ways. And hey, what other film can say features a great performance by Edward Binns? But NIGHT MOVES is actually owned by the extraordinary Jennifer Warren who belongs not only in the Noir Hall of Fame but in my dreams forever.

Miguel Marías

Having been an enthusiast of "Night MOves" since its release, I feel grateful someone remebers it. I'd say it's one of the great American films since the '70s...
Miguel Marías


"Like Bill L. Norton's masterful Cisco Pike, Jerry Schatzberg's moving Scarecrow and Michael Ritchie's great, tough Prime Cut (the latter two also featuring Hackman)..."

Hey -- _all three_ films feature Hackman!

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