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I need to revisit this, although I've never watched the whole thing. For me, Hackman's like Duvall, watchable in just about anything.


Gene Hackman is about the only actor who gets me to watch any movie he is in (except maybe that one he did with Dan Ackroyd.)

Wellington Sludge

Saw this movie a few years ago on 16mm (at a Noir film club a friend runs once a month) and was surprised that I hadn't heard of it before. Very 70s, with characters that just kept surprising you with each new development. Hackman is great, and I never knew Melanie was ever so young!

Cheers for the memories (from a chilly Down Under!)


'Night Moves' is a creepy, understated classic. It approaches its characters with a refreshing ambiguity that you just don't see much of in cinema after, oh, 'Star Wars' came along. '70s neo-noirs are something special... this, and 'The Driver' (not as good a film but still a great ride down some dark alleyways in great period pantsuits) are among some of the more intriguing films from those years. Thanks for the great article, Kim!


it's kizmit that you published a post about 'night moves' just now... i'd ordered the dvd and just watched it for the first time last night. my finally getting around to picking up this movie is due to finally figuring out who harry moseby is... from jermey ritchie's great harry moseby confidential site, though i remember this movie coming out when i was a little kid. i saw clips on a canadian tv show about movies called 'claire olsen's movie beat' or something like that. from this show, i remember a panicky melanie griffith (though i had no idea who she was at the time), gene hackman, and a helluva lot of water. it looked cool and interesting... and over my head at the time. watching the movie last night, i wondered why it'd taken me so long to see it. along with 'two lane black top' this is one of my great recent discoveries from that most excellent era of filmmaking --- the 70's.

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