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Will E.

Some of my favorites of all time here. I've also always liked Barry Sonnenfeld's 'Get Shorty' for Hollywood satire. It's easily Travolta's best post Pulp Fiction work, and everybody in it is great as well: Renee Russo, Hackman, Farina, Lindo, DeVito, etc. Works great as a mob comedy as well.


Another close-ups:

The Legend of Lylah Clare
1968, Robert Aldrich.

State and Main.
2000, David Mamet

The Barefoot Contessa
1954, Joseph Mankiewicz

La Ricotta
1963, Pier Paolo Pasolini



Great list Kim, to which I'd add Swimming With Sharks (1995), James L Brooks' I'll Do Anything (1994), Wag The Dog (1997, prescient and pertinient today), 1999's dumb but fun Bowfinger and, daddy of them all, De Niro in Kazan's The Last Tycoon (1976). It ain't Hollywood, but I have an abiding affection for Shadow Of The Vampire (2001) too.


Great blog, as usual!~ Bryan


sorry, i forgot "Two Weeks In Another Town" Minnelli. A weird and shining transversal secuel to "Bad and The Beauttifull"


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