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uncle buck

Spot on, Kim.
great writing and pics.
thanks for the vid too.
She was...genius.

Henry FTP

Terrific job of catching the essence of Bette Davis, one of the true pioneers who kicked a large chunk out of the glass ceiling. The studios made her pay for that in the 1950s, rarely employing her yet getting rich over rerunning her films on television. Nowadays she would have had a renaissance in character roles, particularly on television, and of course she helped make that possible. Kudos to Wolcott for the link.


I fell in love with Bette Davis as an eight year old boy watching 'The Petrified Forrest' on the late movie. Utter confusion set in as I was unable to reconcile her with the feisty old lady on the Mike Douglas show. What a life!


I first got into Bette Davis as a preteen, renting Dark Victory and being mesmerized by her voice and presence. Since then, my favorites of her have been Of Human Bondage, Baby Jane, and even liking her small role in Three on a Match. I wish I could've met her too. My mom saw an old interview with her on TCM and thought she was so biting and witty and funny, though she was in her 70s and could get away with giving up Hollywood secrets.

I'm reading her biography right now, Dark Victory. I never thought she was ugly. She was unusual-looking, but I always thought she was beautiful.

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