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Beautifully written and very heartfelt. Widmark is a favourite of mine as well, it's certainly a sad day to see him go. I only realise how little I know about him, and how few films of his I've actually seen. In whatever I've seen him in though, he's managed to leave his mark. One of the few actors who never really slept through any performances (at least not from what I can tell), and especially considering how many films he's made that's quite an accomplishment.

jeffrey b. bender

one of the last of the great character actors...gone. as yet, no one has mentioned his role as the rabid submarine captain in THE BEDFORD INCIDENT. widmark's performance was intelligent and exciting. his acting skills improved with age. i will miss him.


Nicely said Kim. It's easy to be overtaken by the haze of nostalgia. But Widmark definitely represented what was best about a time that has been gone for a long time now. His passing highlights how far it is receding into the rearview mirror. And what a magical thing the movies are. How easy they make it to temporarily slip back into that time and mood. Thanks.


Beautifully done.


I would argue that when it comes to classical Hollywood, there was a trio of sublimely great heavies: Robert Ryan, Dan Duryea and Richard Widmark. Ryan and Duryea both left us prematurely, but Widmark lived to a ripe 93 years. It's just tough to beat his performance in Pickup On South Street. That's just one of the greatest films ever, noir or otherwise.

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