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Happy Birthday ,Desi Arnaz!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ,Desi Arnaz!


Certainly - Happy Birthday Des.

What a pity we don't have such enjoyable relaxed programmes today. Maybe the youth of today would not rant and rave with the violent stuff that appears on our screens.

Amy Arnaz

This is a very sweet post about Desi Arnaz, my father-in-law. I found it quite by accident tonight. Thanks for the kind tribute!
xoxo Amy Arnaz aka Mrs. Desi Arnaz Jr.


I love the song babalu, and the way he did the show, I Love Lucy
me and my family still watch it to this very day. The one episode i love the most is "TheHandcuffs" because lucy doesn't know that the trick handcuffs are with fred, and she puts them on ricky and they are stuck, so lucy tries to get them off by seeing if she can sleep on her side of the bed on her stomach while, ricky wants to sleep on his side on his back. So, ricky flips her over on her stomach and he tumbles over and sleeps on his back.

P.S: And I really think your cute

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