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I am a longtime reader yet the answer to this question is not immediately obvious to me. You mentioned your top three actors, who would they be?


I looooooooove John Garfield. I think the Postman Always Rings twice is one of the sexiest films of all time.

Matt Blankman

Don't forget to crank up John Prine's great song "The Late John Garfield Blues."


"His mislabeling and death is so tragic that it anger me to this day."

amen, sister. Got into a real down-the-rabbit-hole argument on that very topic with someone a while back and was ready to throw the keyboard. He was one of the greatest movie actors ever, enormously influential and now that you mention it -- where IS his damn box set?



"i wonder if John Garfield Got to Heaven"
---Goodman bros.


"John Garfield Blues"
---John Prine (new to me-thanks Katel)

I just came upon this site today and Kim Morgon, my goodness you're, hep!

I'm with you on John Garfield, word for word and you expressed it so well.
I get riled about HUAC too, besides everything else horrible about it in general, it stopped John Garfield after only about 26 movies. Very sad.

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