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Definitely agree with you on that scene from Point Blank. It might be my favorite scene in the movie, outside of the shakedown of that car dealer (in the car dealer's own car, no less).

Ian W. Hill

I was a little nervous watching Point Blank for the first time with my non-film-buff fiancee (who does at least have a thing for noir and neo-noir, but otherwise thinks the Production Code killed movies for adults early on). She's not much on "tough guys" either, and rejects anything that could normally be thought of in any way as "macho" behavior.

However, after the Angie-beats-Lee scene, she said, in awe, "Lee Marvin is the coolest man who's ever walked the earth." And I definitely agree (and can't feel a bit jealous - he's LEE MARVIN for crissakes!).

This dethroned her previous "coolest man," Toshiro Mifune. When I told her there was a movie starring the two of them I think she nearly exploded . . .


Lee Marvin is a perennial favorite - especially love him in Prime Cut and Emperor of the North (both with amazing antagonists, Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine, respectively) and as a hired gun in the remake of The Killers. Point Blank is interesting, and Marvin is great as usual, but Boorman's experiments get tiresome pretty quickly. For a more bare-bones take on this kind of gangster revenge tale, check out The Outfit, with Robert Duvall in the Marvin role - the material comes from Donald Westlake (aka Richard Stark), who also wrote Point Blank, and the story is virtually the same. It's a good indication of how filmmakers in the 70s did things a little differently than those in the 60s.


I think my favorite Point Blank scene is when Marvin casual walks down a hall, kicks an apartment door in and fires a few rounds into a bed.
Didn't Boorman say something like he wanted Marvin in that role (basically playing a dead man) because Lee lost part of his soul in the Pacific war?


My favorite Lee marvin films Point Blank
Cat Ballou
Dirty Dozen

and he surely creeped me out in Gorky Park

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