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Will Errickson

Good stuff, a great tribute to a terrific actor. In the last year alone I discovered how good Scheider was in All That Jazz, The Seven-Ups, and especially Sorcerer. But your point about his "lived-in" performance in Jaws, and how we won't find its like again today in monster movies, is dead-on, and it's Scheider's naturalism anchors that most phenomenal of movies.

Erich K.

Great eulogy and great point about his understated approach - I'd forgotten all about how great he was in KLUTE - quietly showing up Sutherland's taciturn shamus by being everything he's not - cool, comfortable and just a bit snazzy while underneath it all radiating a heavy malevolence. Your phrase "macho fey" sums it up best - the rough sensitivity, the un-fussy showmanship, the bragadaccio-free swagger... you nailed it, and bless you for it.

low-tech cyclist


Scheider was one of those underrated greats. All That Jazz has long been one of my favorite movies, and his performance in Jaws gave that movie its center. But he was great to watch in almost anything - I've seen Still of the Night a couple of times, and is worth watching yet again.

Dan Canyon

Very nice eulogy. I think you've just made him smile in that wry manner of his. You swooned at his Pimp poise, that's all we ask for!

RIP Role Model Roy

ps I enjoy your blog a lot, I've got compilations on mine you might like to download, erm.... check it out


Perhaps you don't watch TV, and why should you, but he was also great in two bad-guy roles recently, a gangster in "Third Watch" and a serial killer and perhaps Bobby Goren's father in "Law and Order: CI."

Will miss you, Mr. Schneider.

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