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Bill in Chicago

Kim - how timely! I just watched this for the umpteenth time the other day. Just a killer movie and that line newman tells the woman about her son is one of my favorites..it broke up the audience when i saw it fresh in the theater in 77

Pete Bogs

the 70s was the greatest decade - for movies, and in general...

I used to not like certain film genres such as war and sports... then I realized good films draw you in regardless of their subject matter...

Matt Blankman

I loved this movie as a kid, mainly for the profanity and sports violence...it cracked me up. Then when I watched it for the umpteenth time at some point in my twenties it hit me: "Wait, there's a LOT going on here - this is a seriously GOOD MOVIE!" It's one of my favorite Newman performances and the supporting cast is full of terrific actors providing unforgettable moments. Forget "sports movies" - it's one of the most underrated films of the 70s, period.


This flick was released when I was just getting into my teen years. My friends and I must've snuck in to see it 10 times. It was so cool! Also, "Freebie and the Bean"!

Erich Kuersten

I just wrote over on Bright Lights After Dark how important a strong adult patriarch with a foul mouth was to us kids in the 1970s. Good work, Kim! I would also like to shout out for Walter M. in the original Bad News Bears, who cursed incessantly in front of CHILDREN! I'm surprised they dont digitize his mouth out of subsequent dvds and replace it with a soppy one like Tom Hanks.

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