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Man, I'm sold by this. I will be watching this very soon. I agree with you that Judd is quite something of an actress, I just think she has made some really poor choices in films. Glad to hear this isn't one of them.

Ted Pigeon

Great review, Kim! You have successfully done what very few critics have an reviewing this movie, and that's really addressing the characters themselves. For as grotesque and disturbing as this movie is, it's really a tragic story subtly and sublimely visualized on screen. Your description of Agnes is beautifully stated. Judd turns an utterly brilliant screen performance.

I just saw the movie last night and though I was "into" most of the movie, I wasn't consciously in praise of it. But I was downright shaken by the final 20 minutes, when people start losing lives as result of the world that that Agnes and Peter have built together. It's poignant and sympathetic, and (contrary to what many critics have said), it ends perfectly.

Now, one day later (and having read this) the movie stands out in my mind more because of its focus on Agnes and for Judd's great performance. I have a feeling this movie will be crawling around in my head for quite some time to come.

Justin Francis

I like your point about people thinking it was going to be a different movie altogether. I had been looking forward to seeing Bug for a long time, and when I finaly watched it on DVD recently, I must admit that I also was expecting something entirely different, because that's how the film was marketed. I'm not sure if I felt more disappointed or refreshed. I guess I figured that there would be something facinating about a cliche story in the hands of Friedkin... making art from dreck as Tarantino does. I suppose, essentialy, that's what he did, although there was nothing dreck about the concept or the script. Only the way the movie was advertised. That would make a good subject for blog discussion: Movies that are misrepresented in the the trailers and the advertising. Another great example of this was Master and Commander. Looked like an action flick set in the ocean; twas much more than that.


Great review.

I watched this on DVD the other night, did not like it other than Judd's performance, wrote a quick dismissive review of it, and sent it back to Netflix.

Now, after reading this, I feel like I should see it again.

Bill M

just an excellent pysch thriller..i loved it.

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