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Sean O'Hara

Poor Elisha Cook, Jr. -- did he ever play a man who wasn't asexual, gay, or screwed over by women?

By the way Kim, your new picture looks great.

Brian Miller

OMG !!! That was some of the worst fake "air-drumming" I've ever seen. He doesn't even have left/right hand independence. Oh well, at least somebody got Elisha Cook Jr. to grip the drumsticks properly.


Awww...I love poor Elisha. And I agree Kim, Ella Raines is hot to fucking trot. Elisha may suck at drums but he's aping Krupa, which would be tough. And sheeeat-it's still a sexy-ass scene.


Nice clip. A friend of mine actually put this one on YouTube. He has a big time crush on Ella... as does most "noirheads".

BTW, Kim, your new photo is giving me some "Laura" vibes here on the east coast. http://noiroftheweek.blogspot.com/2007/09/laura-1944.html

Looking very nice...

C. Parker

Elisha Cook, Jr.
1903 - 1995
He played cabbies and snitches, jailbirds and piano players
in over 120 feature films. They were small-timers with
names like Wilber and Homer and Punky. They were
eternally fretful men, ever watchful and wary. Always in
the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the
right time. Losers, hustlers, bottom-feeders in the world
of crime. Always telling tales, giving up information,
getting caught in lies, and getting rubbed out. Gasping
and gulping and stammering. Forever trying to explain to
the mobsters or the cops why they shouldn't kill him just
yet. A short man with a short life-expectancy.

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