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Will E.

I love this movie, saw it three times in the theater. It's sublime, so rigorous and controlled, so beautifully shot. Everything is composed perfectly, from the inventive opening credits to the aquarium-like colors to Howard Shore's metallic, jangling score. Crash is unlike any other movie. No wonder just about everyone I know hates it. A perfect merging of director and source material. Well done, Kim!


I agree. Great flick!

Kim, have you read Joe Bob Briggs' piece on this movie in his book "Profoundly Disturbing: Shocking Movies That Changed History"? It's extremely insightful.


Thanks for this, insightful and interesting read. I just caught this at a cinema in London last night, and of course, it remains a beautiful thing.


sure i've always loved this film.

but your review! so beautifully written! so precisely, distinctly created.

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