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After reading this, Night Moves up on the old queue.

Interesting as always. keep up the good work.

Will Errickson

Wow! A forgotten gem. I watched this a couple months ago one Friday night, just myself and a bottle of bourbon. I wasn't familiar with the film prior, but I had a blast watching it, and wasn't expecting it to somehow perfectly fit my somewhat hazy (childhood) memories of the '70s. Great dialogue: ("Who's winning?" "Nobody. One side is just losing slower than the other") and that true rarity: an absolutely perfect climax. That red/black blood was *terrifying.*


In "Night Moves," what isn't said/shown is just as important as what is said/shown. It's a masterful character study dressed up as a neo-noir, and they truly don't (and can't) make them like this anymore. Such a shame...


Glad you mentioned "Prime Cut", Kim. I just saw this last week and it's quickly become one of my favorite unheralded films of the 70's. Nasty, efficient and darkly funny, it should be seen by all. And yes, "Night Moves" is terrific with an ending you don't see coming.

George Schmidt

Kudos Kim; classic Hackman; I totally space but there's a wicked one-liner he serves back re: pedophelia and/or incest

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