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april glaspie

This is an acutely written journal, so I have to wonder why you think an antidote for Woodstock was necessary. Launch the louche and jaded era? I didn't go to Woodstock, but I was at Altamont when that guy got stabbed.

I've always thought it was ironic that the victim looked like a percussion player in Tower of Power, or Huey P. Newton on a rare night off, one or the other). I was extremely wide awake under the influence, and everything about the place, the atmosphere, the people, the music were pretty scary and exceptionally exciting.

Haven't seen the other movies these guys made, but now I will. I'd take the idea that somebody like, oh, Peter O'Toole or Albert Finney (oh wait, he did, in Under the Volcano) might play my part in a movie, but expressing displeasure at being played by Julie Christie seems like evidence of remarkable individuality

I've watched Gimme Shelter several times, and the primary feeling I get from it is that the Stones reacted to the replay like somebody'd beaten the shit out of them. We didn't really know what happened 'til the next day. It's a sad world when hallucinatory events intrude on your hallucinations.

It's a very good movie, but that evil seems a little old-fashioned these days, when it's all been PNAC- corporatized and Wahabidst. Ten decades, for the gods they made.

Anyway, I was a lot closer to a Yippie than a hippie but I think today that Woodstock may have been the silver bullet that could have prevented the global syphilis that's ravaged the planet since then.


I think "Grey Gardens" has totally gone mainstream, Kim. Anytime a small film has a major Broadway musical based upon it, the film's gone mainstream - whether we like it or not (see: "Hairspray").


You're right. Living here in Hollywood, not exposed to the tourists searching for the next "Cats" I sometime forget just how mainstream Broadway really is. If you noticed then, I settled on the fact that "Grey Gardens" is now officially mainstream.

But that's a good thing, somewhat. If it drives people to the documentary, great. I'm just not sold on the movie. Drew Barrymore as Little Edie?


I shudder to think who the Hollywood Machine might place in that role. I can see Brittany eyeing this role as her chance to come back and be taken seriously...yikes. And don't scoff - you know it could happen.


Sweet! A Kim Morgan exclusive Q&A session, don’t see too many of these gems up at yon Sunset Gun. I’ll play along and I will keep my eyes on my own paper…promise.

“What is healthy?”
As you stated, The Suffolk County Health Department declared this mansion to be condemned and I would have to agree with them. That’s different from saying that the Beales were living in a dysfunctional environment. They seem to tolerate their living quarters to a degree. To me, their environment was unhealthy…both mentally and physically.

“What is wealth and breeding?”
Wealth and breeding don’t mean jack if you don’t keep the ties with your family growing and nurtured. Jackie tried to help at times, but Team Beales rarely accepted help from anyone.

“What is normal?”
The opposite of abnormal. Seriously, each culture has their social norms. What is accepted by one culture is rarely seen as “normal” by any other culture. And even within a select culture the term normal is debated. Both the Beales were insouciant to a fault, especially the daughter. But were they normal? No. Is someone on the opposite end of the spectrum normal? No. Short answer long…normalcy doesn’t exist.

“What kind of life should you lead?”
The Golden Rule.

“And is there a type of beauty in veering off course?”
Most definitely. The Maysles brothers would never have filmed Grey Gardens if the subjects didn’t veer off course as compared to the rest of American society. To film a doc with characters that didn’t have any life in them, or for a better word “boring” it would have to be a comedy. “Real Life” by Albert Brooks comes to mind. Beauty is veering off course and showing the world something they don’t see in everyday life.

All right teach, mail me my grade and I’ll leave an apple on your desk on the way out.

PS April, try and get your hands on a short called “Lot 63, Grave C”…http://www.sf360.org/features/2006/04/a_tour_through.html

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