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I'm not much of a car junkie...but I did write a post on my blog about my affection for Vespas.

Now, you got me wanting to go ren Mad Max. That movie was so weird and cool.

Bill M

if i had to make a list myself it would be a duplicate of yours Kim..I was lucky enough to see Two Lane Blacktop & Vanishing Point on a double bill in the 70's. I tipped my hat to Two Lane Backtop awhile back on my meager blog..url is above..


When I was a kid, my favorite movie car was David Carradine's monster from "Death Race 2000"


Issac Hayes car from Escape From New York with the chandeliers hanging from the headlights. He's the Duke Of New York.

I think around the time of Duel, there was another movie titled The Car with James Brolin. A creepy car that chased down everyone.

The mini's from The Italian Job. The original.

And then of course the Winnebago in Lost In America.

I'm crossing my fingers, but I might be going to the Premiere of Grindhouse tomorrow in Austin. Trying to get tickets now.


McQueen is king. Period.

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